Portfolio Search and Defective Title

Local Authorities and Housing Associations hold significant volumes of housing stock. Strategically they will plan to rationalise their portfolios and save costs by swapping/transferring properties with other Housing Associations to reduce geographical spread and improve management of the portfolio. They also look to raise finance by mortgaging or save money by re-mortgaging their portfolios.

Why take out Portfolio Search and Defective Title Insurance?

The planned cost saving would be wiped out if full due diligence were to be undertaken in relation to each and every property in the portfolio. Full due diligence would include obtaining local and other searches or undertaking a full assessment of the title to the relevant property.

Portfolio Search and Defective Title Insurance Benefits

By removing the need to carry out full due diligence, Portfolio Search and Defective Title insurance speeds up the whole portfolio reorganisation process and ensures financial security for the lender. Insurance provides cover against adverse matters could affect the value of the security and ability of the lender to recover the monies lent.

Portfolio Search and Defective Title: How to apply for a quotation.

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